How it started and why it's still here
"FLIC became more than I ever expected..."



Born from a love of people and an insatiable curiosity and learning for how things work, FLIC was created. Since 2015 we have assisted small business owners to get more client and to serve their existing clients better.

Being an entrepreneur and going into business for yourself is addictive as it comes with an amazing feeling of freedom and meaning. However, today’s business landscape requires you to have a presence on the web if you ever want to have more reach than your dad and mum’s local fruit shop.

We know that the “technical stuff” can be overwhelming and more than a little frustrating at time and that’s why FLIC came about, to help make the online process easier; easier to understand and easy to get results and FLIC is still here today because we know having that reach to your clients is what will keep you in business, and the freedom and meaning will keep you loving being in business (that and our amazing clients are why we’re still here).

About Frank Fava

If you haven’t met Frank Fava yet, then Frank is the kind of guy who will write about himself in the 3rd person, just for the sake of making a joke… moving on.

Hi there! A little secret about me is that I never planned to go into web development or to build websites so that business owners could have more meaning and less worry, it had only been a hobby for the last 12 years and FLIC became more than I ever expected.

Before this, I spent years focused on human behaviour (after first catching my own entrepreneurial bug), building an understanding of how we interact with the world around us on psychological level as a relationship coach, and that combined with the self-taught ever-growing curiosity of how a website works became an outlet for me use that people knowledge to create engaging websites that can really help a business owner to grow their business.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Facebook  , email me directly at frank@flicsites.dev.au or head to the Contact page.

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