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The details and specifics about our Care Plans

FLIC is no longer offering care plans as of March 2020.

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What's covered?

Let’s answer the question of “What specifically is covered in my care plan?”. We’ve taken the time to break down in detail, exactly what is included and not included in your care plan.

Here’s the essential points:

  • Before we start our plan, the website is considered to be in the “Most Recent WORKING state”.
  • Anything that is part of the website its working state (pages and functionality) are covered.
  • The purpose of maintenance is to keep the website as close to that working state as possible. eg. Adding updates to keep that functionality working.
  • Making additions or changes to anything outside of the”Most Recent WORKING state” are NOT included. If it’s not on the site already it’s not covered by the plan.
  • Once changes are made, this is now considered the “Most Recent WORKING state” and those changes are now covered.
  • If “fixes” are required during the updating process eg. to make a plugin update work, then up to 15 mins of time are included per fix. Generally, this is more than enough, larger fixes are billable. 
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Site Backups

We’ll backup everything that makes your site work so if any issues arise, you can relax knowing your site can be restored to the most recent backup.

Site Backups are INCLUDED every care plan we offer.

This is done through an additional plugin for your WordPress site as well as your hosting.

We always make 2 backups of your website anytime we complete a maintenance cycle. Before the work begins and after it’s completed. This way you are NEVER at risk of FLIC losing your data and it can always be easily recovered.

NOTE: We recommend Siteground WordPress Hosting for the best hosting that offers free daily backups on all plans.

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The web changes constantly, equipment changes, software changes, WordPress changes and its plugins change too. We’ll regularly update the websites and its internal components to make sure it stays secure and up-to-date with the latest features.

Plugin and Theme Updates are INCLUDED every care plan we offer.

NOTE: It’s essential to recognise the importance of updates in keeping your website secure. A great hosting company is crucial, but out-of-date WordPress plugins are often used as “doors” to those who would harm your website.

Updates are dependant upon the developer that has built that theme or plugin. Updates also may require a specialised license. Whilst we always attempt to choose items that are regularly updated and freely accessible, these circumstances are considered beyond our control.

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Basic Health Check

Basic Health Checks are there to make sure that your website stays functioning like it should.

Basic Health Checks are INCLUDED every care plan we offer.

The checks we will perform are listed below:

  • Content Display
    We’ll go through the pages on your website and make sure if it’s all showing properly.
  • Saving Content
    Making sure there are no issues when saving/changing content (this causes more problems on other parts of the site).
  • Form Interaction
    Testing that the forms on your site can be filled in and submitted (checking emails are sent and other integrations are part of Special Health Checks)
  • File Permissions
    When file permission are incorrect, the functionality and style will experience issues.
  • SSL Certificate (if Installed)
    Checking when it expires so you don’t end up with an insecure site.
  • Caching
    Clearing the cache to make sure your website is using the latest files and not old out-of-date files.
  • Spam Removal
    No-one likes spam. So we’ll delete it if your site becomes susceptible to it.
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Special Health Check

For larger websites with special functionality like ecommerce stores, membership sites and booking systems; Special Health Checks focus on testing the crucial elements of your website that you select so your uniquely designed business website stays running as it should.

Are Special Health Checks included in my care plan?

  • Getting Started: NOT INCLUDED
  • Up and Running: Up to 4 INCLUDED as needed
  • Bespoke: Up to 16 INCLUDED as needed.

The available “checks” are listed below:

  • Form Emails/Integrations
    (Per Form)
    Check that emails are recieved when forms are submitted.
    Check that the correct data is being sent and recorded for form integrations eg. ActiveCampaign, MailChimp
    Check form is redirecting to thank you page eg. For Sales Funnel
  • Memberships
    Test Payment is coming through as expected
    Check access to restricted content is being restricted as expected
  • Custom Features
    Testing custom-made shortcodes to ensure display and functionality is working. (Per shortcode)
    Checking customised functionality (not part of WordPress default) is working. (Per piece of functionality)
  • eCommerce
    Check receipts and confirmations are coming through via email.
    Check the user experience operates as expected.
    Test Payment is coming through as expected.
  • Course
    (Per Course)
    Check course lessons are being display properly
    Check access to course is being restricted as expected (if used with a membership)
  • Custom Integrations/Webhooks
    (Per Custom Integrations or Webhook)
    Check that the custom integration/webhook is performing the correct actions when triggered.

If you’re unsure on what you need checked each month, then we are more than happy to provide suggestions.

Additional checks can be included as an add-on to your selected plan at $5/check/site/month.

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Your care plan includes small fixes. If an issue arises, we’ll do what we can to immediately fix this to make your website work.

Up to 15 mins of time are included per fix. Generally, this is more than enough, larger fixes are billable.

In addition, should you have any requests, for example, re-positioning and image on a page, then this is generally included. For large changes and additions, consider our Ongoing Development hours.

Are Fixes/Requests included in my care plan?

  • Getting Started: Requests are completed Monthly
  • Up and Running: Requests are completed Weekly
  • Bespoke: Requests are completed Immediately
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Uptime Monitoring

Our site monitor will automatically check that your site is live and viewable. This will happen even as you sleep and if there is ever an issue, we receive a notification so we can investigate and get you live again as soon as possible.

Is Uptime Monitoring included in my care plan?

  • Getting Started: Site is checked every Day
  • Up and Running: Site is checked every Hour
  • Bespoke: Site is checked every 30min
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Ongoing Support

Having an issue with your website or just need some technical advice/guidance? You’ll have email and phone access to ask any questions you need. We’re here to help so you’re not alone when you need it. It’s as simple as that!

Support is INCLUDED every care plan we offer.

Priority support means you get your website issues solved first. Just get in touch and you’ll jump to the front of the queue.

Is Priority Support included in my care plan?

  • Getting Started: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Up and Running: AVAILABLE AS ADD-ON ($15/site/month)
  • Bespoke: INCLUDED

NOTE: Priority support is in no way intended as 24-Hour support or commitment to any specified “time-to-solve”.

If you have questions about your current care plan then please get in touch via email (details at the bottom of last email).

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