First of all, Welcome to FLIC Sites.

Next, let me be straight with you from the very beginning… most of today’s websites are inadequately equipped to serve their business owner to attract and convert high quality clients and customers. Chances are good if you’re reading this, that your website is not working for you the way you want it to (or you don’t yet have a website and would like to know how to do it successfully).

Where is the trust?

We’re in a modern world where we’re more connected than ever, but as a result of that, more connections has meant more shallow connections, more distrust and so we now demand a more “personal” connection. We can move past anything that doesn’t suit us now with the flick of a finger (quite literally), so rather than talking at our prospects, we must begin talking with them and so many websites fail to do this.

If there’s no trust, then making a sale is a very big ask! I’m sure you know that already, and creating trust online is that much harder to do. So you need to build that trust from the very first impression and there is only 1 way I know how to do that: listening to your prospect.

Listening to your prospect is easy enough in the offline world, but how do you ‘listen’ to them online?!

You listen to your prospect and you build trust, by creating opportunities to interact with them and then engaging or disengaging depending upon their unique needs.

How do I build trust?

It’s up to the prospect to decide how much interaction they want. Your job is to initiate and create opportunities to go as far as they’re willing to accept, but to always be aware how much is enough to not make them uncomfortable.

Start small and provide safe ways that a user can interact with you, a Facebook Page, a visit to your website. Make sure to also include opening where it can go further than if they’re comfortable to do so; a lead magnet, a blog where they can comment on your post or a Facebook group.
The more you can understand where you go too far (and not far enough), the more you can personalise the experience. If at anytime you get to a point where you get a “no” to go further, disengage immediately and don’t force it. Something to show them that you’ve listened and you’ll pull back until they feel safe in moving forward.

After going through that dance, (you’ll need to go through it a few times for your big-ticket items) they know they can trust you and understand if they want to go further that you wont abuse that and that you’re going to take it where they want to go.

Create a personal connection

The reason you’re having trouble with attracting high quality clients is that you haven’t been listening to your prospect enough.

The majority of business websites will only ever talk about the business, always selling and never giving, provide little customer service and offering no help to finding the best solution for them.

The more you personalise the experience for them by letting them have their say, and then adapting to respect those boundaries, the easier it all becomes with hardly any (if at all) objections because they trust you.

How well you’re able to read their comfort level and how well you’re able to increase level of engagement will determine the quality of clients you attract right from the first impression.

So, where are you not listening to your prospects? Are you taking it too far and scaring them off? Or are you holding back and they’re feeling underwhelmed?

Let me help you to determine if your current website has the necessary elements of a successful website, by putting down your name for a complimentary website analysis.

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