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Depending upon what stage you’re at in your project, we can help. Our Services are tailored for every different project type. Maintenance/ Care Plans to keep them up and running and offer ongoing development so you can make changes for everlasting improvement.

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Our Services

Got an upcoming project?

We offer a range of services for every type of project. WordPress is a brilliant platform for everything from e-commerce stores to custom platforms tailor-made for your business. All a bit overwhelming? That’s ok, start with a simple website and easily expand on it as the business grows.

We offer a fixed priced option through our services or an hourly basis option. See “Our Pricing Model” section for more information.

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Maintenance/Care Plans

Need to keep your website up to date and healthy because your business depends upon it?

Let us take care of it for you with our WordPress Maintenance Care Plans so you can enjoy peace of mind and know it’s taken care of with monthly backups, updates and health checks.

Our 30-day guaranteed monthly Care Plans are perfect for maintaining your website as it grows and making sure it stays online and working hard for you. For making additions to your website, see the “Ongoing Development” section below.

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Ongoing Development

Wanting to improve and add to your existing website?

Our “Development Hours” are your pass to making changes to your website as you see fit. Whilst our Care Plans will maintain your website and keep it in it’s current working state (which changes as we maintain it), our development hours are used to make improvements and additions to our website, which are then maintained by your care plan. Cool huh?

See “Our Pricing Model” section below on choosing the best way to pay for you.

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Our Pricing Model

Need a some options for price and costing?

We like to keep things simple and straight forward at FLIC. So we offer 2 options when starting a project with us.

  • Fixed Price
    If you know exactly what you’re after then this is your best option. Before we begin, we create a specific project scope as our guide and you don’t pay a cent over that to FLIC until we’ve achieved that final criteria.
  • Hourly Basis
    For more flexibility and control on how much you pay, we’d suggest our hourly model. You can put us to work on whatever you see fit with zero limitations on the scope of the project. As a rule of thumb, we charge A$120/hour and offer discounted rates when bulk hours are pre-authourised and for existing clients.

Pretty simple eh? Contact us for more details.

Note: Our monthly care plans are spread out over monthly payments, but you have the choice to pay how you wish.

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