Websites no longer work the way they used to....

Does your website have the elements to successfully initiate a conversation and convert your leads? Receive a Free Site Analysis and optimise every part of your website to convert more high quality clients.

Your visitors are waiting to be shown the way. Once they arrive on your website, direct their focus to what is important. Whatever you make important, is what they’ll focus on.

Elements to an Engaging Business Site

Huge Value

Does the content that you give match your prospects needs, according to what they say they want? This is how you show them that you can provide value to them.


Are there multiple opportunities on each page of your website where the user can interact with you. This may include calls-to-action, forms, social media, comments, polling or special functionality like quizzes.


In what tone do you speak on your site? Is it all about you, always “sell sell sell” and only ever a one-way conversation OR do you talk with your client, about their problem and how you can help.


How does your website help your visitor to find a solution that’s best for them. The more you give away huge value, the more people will know to come to you for help with their problem.

There’s a new breed of websites needed to work in today’s business world. Get to know our clients and experience the results they now get using a website that supports their business.

Service Driven Online Systems

Through years of experience, we’ve learnt a few things:

  1. Websites can either be a blessing or a massive hinderance on your business.
  2. It can be confusing and sometimes help is needed to get it right and suited to your needs.
  3. Take it bit-by-bit and adapt your website as your business grows.
  4. The more you know your client, the easier it is to make sales.
  5. Websites are the perfect tool for generating connection in a way that’s safe and convenient for your prospect.
  6. The FLIC blog is a great place to learn more about this 😛

FLIC seeks to provide the tools for getting to know prospects and clients better for the purpose of scaling efforts by increasing interaction, engagement and by providing hands-on guidance in the implementation of these tools.


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